Bumper is not just a membership-based digital parenting community it is a partnership between every parent on the platform. When you join as a member, you not only get access to the first global kid-safety and kid-preferred rating system, but you also get to be a part of changing the way media and content are created.

As a Family Member:

Your voice is captured through a series of polls, online and in-home focus groups. You will be given chances to try out new and unreleased digital products, test apps, and mobile games and even catch the latest programming options. By providing Bumper and the community with your honest feedback you are helping to steer the future development of children’s content and helping change an industry to be more kid-safety focused and family-friendly when it comes to digital products and content.

But you get something else in return, calmer kids, more engaging applications and tools, and a fast-lane approach to digital-balance in your home.

Memberships may be available in annual or quarterly subscriptions.

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As an Educational Member:

You are a teacher, administrator, and/or member of a school board or affiliated organization that is offering the best digital resources to your students that you can. As a member, you are given access to unique expert interviews, newly released digital books, games, streaming channels, and kidtech which not only enhances your ability to teach but also your ability to reach students via distance learning applications. Just sort through our tools and apps and select the “for educators” filter to get started!

Memberships may be available in annual or quarterly subscriptions.

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Plus, as a member, you can share the knowledge and resources with your colleagues. Multi-licensing keys are available, please contact us for more information on multi-licensing.