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Our All-in-one Kidtech & Kid-media Rating System

Bumper is the first online digital parenting place that takes a global approach to research and looks at what is happening online with kids and their families and brings a complete representation of how a particular app, piece of content or game is performing and determine if it’s right for your child. We have a proprietary rating system that computes thousands of data points to determine if an app, device, or even a streaming TV  show is smart, entertaining and safe for use.

A few of the characteristics we measure are:

  • Language
  • Age-Appropriateness
  • Violence

Rating systems have been around a lot longer than your kids have been online. We get it. Technology moves fast. That’s why we’ve built a custom script that literally learns and applies not only government and legislative regulatory guidelines  but the  parent ones too. Our system  is  adapted to include the parent perspective and at times, even the children as we work with child-specific testing groups to ensure that what we are sharing is the whole picture of what an app or game can and can’t do.

We’ve been working in technology and media for decades and we know kids. We know how to speak to them, how to create for them, and how to identify what is good for them online.  Combined with health, wellness, regulatory and entertainment experts we are now coming together to pull back the curtain and bring YOU, the parent, behind the scenes. So you too, can be at the forefront of technology and kid-safe digital engagement for your family.