Its take a Digital Village to raise a Digital Native

As our digital landscape changes so do the way we and our children interact with it. Change doesn’t happen overnight and sometimes it requires a little help from a trusted group of friends, family, experts and those who are going through it too. It takes a village.

Bumper Place is here to provide parents and caregivers a place where they can communicate with experts and each other about the best way to live with technology in their home.

Our Mission

To reinforce and provide tech-positive parenting solutions for the home by providing resources and access to expert advice that is carefully curated to create digital balance between families and their content.


How are ratings system works and why it’s different

There are so many different resources available to parents to help them decide what technology is right for their child. The search alone can become overwhelming especially when you need to find out if something is safe for your kids. The problem is, while one site might have most of the reviews you trust they might not provide you with all the information that you need. Or another site might have the missing information but now you have to bookmark another site. The lists can get long and the searching can become endless.

Our rating system takes the best of the internet’s opinions and creates an actual median which is then shared with you via our proprietary rating system which is both easy to understand and quick to apply. That way you still know you are receiving the opinion of your previously favorite go-to rating websites but now, you’re getting them all in one place and with the extra layers of information that you need to make an informed decision for your child’s and family’s tech needs.

A globalized world requires a global point of view.

But we don’t just look at a local picture, or the national one. We capture a global perspective. Why do we do that? Because with our ever-changing and globalizing world sometimes your child is going to want or need to access media from somewhere else. They are going to have opportunities to interact on global scales on education, gaming and social media platforms.

Parents Perspective

Plus, we incorporate actual parent reviews to give you the most complete picture of how media is received around the world. We know it’s not a one-size-fits-all approach but generally, if parents worldwide think something is safe and sound for their kids, you probably will too.

Media Travels with you and so do we

We show media rated by age, use, accessibility, compatibility, and capability but we also add in an additional layer of COPPA and GDPR, GDPR-K (Soon PIPEDA) guidelines, if it has been certified “Kid-safe” and if it certified in multiple continents so no matter where your family is on the map, we will have an accurate rating for you.

Always Up-to-date

Children & teens are always looking for the next hot new app, game, channel or site to check out and we are right there with them when they are. To make sure parents have the most accurate and trusted view of how well something is suited for their child, we have taken a social, emotional, physical, and safety and privacy applied lens to everything we review. In addition, we are constantly updating our system in order to keep up with the changing demands of media, regulation, best practices, and professional & medical advice.

How to use our Tap App Kids rating system: Quick Start Guide

For all media we review, each has a list of qualifiers that can be applied as filters to ease the searching for the item. These filters can indicate age appropriateness, have safety, security and privacy guidelines been met? Who is the media aimed at and what is its function, is it educational, entertainment, productivity or informative. Is it passive or interactive and is there any watch-outs parents need to know.

Once the rating has been revealed a general review along with a quick view of the content categories can be seen. Below that, if there are Bumper parent reviews, those can be shown too if selected for viewing.

We do our best to inform parents of the expected use and manner in which content or device is expected to be interacted with. We will share any

Our Rating TapApp Rating Meter

Our easy-to-follow colored rating reveals each media selection’s overall quality assessment and recommendation.

Green Go for it!
Yellow A good choice
Blue It’s dependable
Red Missing Something
Black Walk Away

Why we chose colors

Parents need a quick, easy-to-understand guide to what is OK and not OK for their child. By using a familiar traffic light system, one most learn starting in pre-school (anyone familiar with the game red light green light) along with bright visual cues, a parent or caregiver can easily and on-the-go determine if a selection is right, right now.

Describe it for me!

We get it-you’re a busy parent and need to know a synopsis, overview, and theme of a selected title right away which is why we provide not only a general manufacturer-provided description but also a parent provided one as well so you can know that the story being told is accurate.

Share with each other

Kids talk. Tweens text too and teens share everything. So, why don’t you? Share your story, experience and opinion on a particular topic, app, content, game title etc. and if selected, we’ll include it as a parent review. The more you share the more we can all benefit from your tech lessons.

Is there Educational value or is it just for fun?

Not everything is educational but not everything that is for entertainment is simply just for fun. There is cross-over, “edutainment” and when you make learning a game learning becomes more and more digestible. We get it. So we rate the value of education on a series of criteria based on:

subject, age, difficulty, average scores, pre-requisites, interactivity, language, social development, motor development, critical thinking, team-based or solo-use, speed, agility, mental and physical wellness or requirements, hardware requirements and transfer of knowledge.

Knowing what type of educational media is presented allows you to assess if it’s right for your family, your classroom, or your home.